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ELTEK Multi Functional Device for Power Control

ELTEK is aimed for protection and control over power systems of advanced reliability with one or two additional standby inputs.

The main purpose of ELTEK is control of automatic load transfer, protection from short term and long term overload, registration of power network parameters to non-volatile memory.

ELTEK is most commonly used at industrial enterprises, oil and gas facilities, medical organizations, public utilities including facilities belonging to cat. 1 of power supply reliability.

ELTEK provides the following:

  • automatic control over ALT through commutation of three inputs of three phase voltage ~380V by means of electromagnetic contractors with fast response as per preset procedure
  • options for main input
  • flexible adjustment of main protection modes and ALT parameters
  • metering of voltage parameters through power supply inputs,
  • protection from low quality power (voltage is too high or too low, phase is lost) through load transfer to some other input or cutting off
  • indication of operation parameters and modes of ELTEK at LC display by means of semi-segment and single indicators
  • monitoring of operation capacity and number of commutation cycles of electromagnetic contactors in order to ensure reliability of ALT system
  • issue and receipt of digital control signals
  • issue of data for remote control system through RS-485 interface (Modbus RTU protocol )
  • exchanging data with PC through USB interface
  • recording of all events occurring during operation of ELTEK (overload, underload, transfer to standby input etc.) and storing summary of all events (on monthly basis) to non-volatile memory with the indication of time.

Existing design solutions allow organizing control system of ALT on the basis of ELTEK for units with capacity under 110 kW. It is possible to design ALT control system on the basis of ELTEK for units with capacity exceeding 110 kW, providing relevant amendment of technical parameters related to the type of electromagnetic contactors.

ELTEK scope of supply includes the following:

  • contactors with fast response,
  • software for displaying operation parameters of ELTEK, events and summaries stored to ELTEK memory, as well as storing the received data to PC as an HTML-page,
  • CSM calibration certificate.

ELTEK can be used as a protection and control device for power supply systems of categories 1,2 of power supply reliability.

Main Technical Parameters

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