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TestTEK Mobile Test Bench for Electric Drives


TestTEK universal check and monitoring bench is aimed for incoming inspection and check of functional completeness, diagnostics and adjustment of electric drives of various brands such as: RemTEK, EPC, EPP, Atlant, Angstrem, AUMA, Rotork, Tula etc.

Connection to an electric drive is done by means of universal programmable digital inputs/outputs, signal receiver and actuator for 4-20 mA, RS-485 interface with ModBus RTI exchange protocol. Depending on connection diagram the bench is adjusted as per specific type of an electric drive.



  • control over electric drive through digital, analogue and interface signals in repeated - short term, short term and long term operation modes
  • monitoring over electric drive alarm
  • setting required movement cycles for resource testing
  • displaying data on the electric drive received from alarm nets at LC and single displays of the station
  • displaying graphs of the electric drive movement (torque, rate, position)
  • keeping archive of testing data with displaying moving cycles
  • adjustment of register structure and functions for digital alarms for specific type of an electric drive
  • storing parameters for consequent replication and speeding up commissioning of the group of electric drives


Main Technical Parameters of Bench

 Rated supply voltage, V

380, 3 phases

 Power supply to electric drive, V

380, 220

 Capacity of the electric drive connected, kW

up to 7.5

 Number of digital inputs for electric drive connection


 Number of digital outputs for electric drive connection


 Number of analogue inputs for electric drive connection, 4-20 mA


 Number of analogue outputs for electric drive connection, 4-20 mA 


 Interface for electric drive connection


 Interface for computer connection

Ethernet, USB 2.0

Special software is included in the scope of supply for the station.



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