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Auxiliary Equipment Cabinet (SVA)


It is aimed for locating secondary equipment of metering devices (humidity meters, samplers and flow meters etc) and stable power supply for instrumentation at oil-and-gas, petrochemical facilities as well as other branches of the industry.

SVA provides gathering of information from sensing devices for further communication of it to control boards for further processing.



  • Guarantee electric supply for secondary equipment
  • Gathering of information from sensing devices
  • Implementation of control circuit
  • Acceptance and communication of current parameters to the control boards



SVA is a cabinet with electric and control equipment located inside. Elements indicating the state and control over secondary equipment are located on the cabinet door (front panel). Installation of transparent door is possible.

Components are installed to the cabinet considering the group distribution of outcoming lines in accordance with functional distribution or location of the equipment to be connected.

Depending on the type and quantity of the equipment to be connected, to locate SSU equipment one can use cabinets for one-way or two-way servicing, to be mounted to the wall or installed onto the floor. Cabinets are equipped with locks to avoid the unauthorized access. Dimensions of the cabinet, options for installation and mounting are defined when placing an order.


Technical Parameters

 Rated voltage, V

220 (-10%...+10%)

 Number of power consumers to be connected is

defined by the Customer's requirements

 Protection (defined when placing the order)


 Operation temperature ranges, ºС

from 0 to +50

 Weight, not more, kg


Upon additional requirements SVA parameters can be changed.

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