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Railroad Wheels Treatment and Final Inspection Line for Taiuan

Final inspection line of railroad wheels is aimed for automated inspection and real time control over acceptance testing operations of completed solid wheels after full profile mechanical treatment of the surface in compliance with the requirements of international standards.

Equipment Configuration:

  • Disbalance testing machine (UKOD)
  • Hardness testing machine (UKT)
  • Dimensional measurement unit (UKG)
  • Washing unit (UM)
  • Surface treatment unit (UPP)
  • Ultrasound testing unit (UUZK)
  • Magnet fluorescent inspection unit (UMKK)
  • Shot-blasting machine (UDO)
  • Stamping machine (UNK)
  • Painting and drying machine (UPK)
  • Labeling machine (UNE)
  • Transportation equipment



 Standard railroad wheels, wheels per year


 High-speed railroad wheels CRHЗ, wheels per year


 Cycle time for standard railroad wheels, sec/wheel


 Cycle time for high-speed railroad wheels, sec/wheel



Goals of FIL Development

The main goal is development, manufacturing and introduction into commercial operation of automated FIL consisting of modern components and providing the following:

  • Quality enhancement for manufactured railroad wheels
  • Increase of  production of railroad wheels with enhanced wear resistance
  • Full automation of acceptance testing of railroad wheels:
    -  Washing and drying of railroad wheels
    -  Transportation of wheels through process area (un-stacking, tilting, stacking or putting wheels into cassettes, gathering of discarded wheels into stacks)
    -  Checking wheels disbalance
    -  Checking dimensional parameters of railroad wheels
    -  Checking hardness at of  rim edge of the wheel,
    -  Visual checking of surface defects
    -  Ultrasound inspection of internal defects
    -  Magnet fluorescent inspection of wheel surface
    -  Shot blasting unit for wheel hardening
    -  Applying of anti-corrosion protective painting
    -  Applying diameter value on the wheel surface
    -  Putting marking on the wheel surface
  • Information support with generating full data sheets, recording all parameters and features of the wheel (painting, shot blasting, internal structure etc)
  • Automatic control of parameters, providing regular operation mode of FIL
  • Routine collection, processing, transfer and storage of data on the state of FIL process equipment
  • Displaying of parameters, reflecting the process progress and provision of servicing personnel with actual data about failures in operation of FIL equipment
  • Remote automated and automatic control over process equipment.



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