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Rail Chair Production Line

Technical Parameters

 Capacity, t/y

90 (can be extended up to 180 t/d)

 Method of blank heating for stamping

Induction HFC heating

 Heating temperature,°C


 Equipment weight, t

90 (transportation equipment - 25 t)

 Total power demand, kW


 Air consumption, m3/min

5 (Р=0.5 MPa)

 Service water consumption, m3/h



Layout of Rail Chair Production Line

1 - Pusher
2 - HFC Heating Unit
3 - HFC Heating Unit Conveyor
4 - К1739 Press
5 - Roller Table
6 - Mechanical Cooling Bed
7 - Cooling Unit (spray irrigation and aspiration)
8 - Scarfing Machine with Conveyor
9 - Sampling Test Station
10 - Conveyor
11 - Turnover Device
12 - Package Store
13 - Package Table
14 - Packing
15 - Pallet Store
16 - Pallet Table
17 - Manipulator
18 - Packager
19 - Discharge Area Conveyor



After cutting chair blanks off on the К04.119.240 single-point press they enter the existing transportation line.  The rail chairs move on and upon reaching Pusher 1 (Pos.1) are pushed into induction heating area onto the Conveyor in the HFC area (Pos.3), where the chairs are heated by the HFC Heating unit (Pos.2) to the required temperature not exceeding 700°С.

The total installed capacity of HFC heating area is min. 900 kW. Supply voltage - 220/380 V. Heating current frequency is from 5 to 12 kHz.

The heating area consists of four induction heating elements having the installed capacity of at least 225 kW each. The induction heating element includes Frequency converter, water-cooled Transformer-matching device and inductor of at least 1 m length.

Between the induction heating elements there are intermediate zones of temperature equalization along the whole rail chair section.

Upon reaching the heating temperature chair blanks are handled onto the К1739 press (Pos. 4) piece by piece for piercing, and then in the chair discharge area Pusher 1 moves them onto the roller table (Pos. 5). By the roller table (Pos. 5) chairs are fed into the cooling area consisting of mechanical cooling bed of at least 5 m length (Pos. 6) and cooling unit (Pos.7), where blanks are cooled down to the temperature not exceeding 60°С. The cooling unit includes water-air nozzle system, which provides differential supply of cooling medium to various components of rail chair profile, and auxiliary systems (receivers, filters, pumps). Water consumption does not exceed 4 m3/h.

After the cooling unit the pusher forwards blanks to the scarfing machine (Pos. 8), where burrs are removed and chair edges are machined. Then blanks are transported to the sampling test station (Pos. 9) and moved by the conveyor (Pos.10) to the turnover device (Pos. 11) and package store (Pos. 12).  Package table (Pos. 13) brings a pa-ckage into the packager (Pos. 14) and moves along the line till the manipulator (Pos. 17). The manipulator puts the packages onto pallets, each pallet is brought into the packager (Pos. 18) and then onto the discharge area conveyor (Pos. 19).

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