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Process Lines and PCS for Materials Handling and Loading into Furnace Hoppers
Customer: PF ТОО "KSP-Steel" (Republic of Kazakhstan, city of Pavlodar)


Process line and PCS for materials handling and loading into furnace hoppers are aimed for continuous loading of Furnaces#1, 2 and 3 with multi-component charge materials as per a certain formula, performance rate and accuracy in order to perform control over the operation of the conveying line for charge materials supply, to provide the required performance, reliability and proper quality of products.

Process line and PCS of the dedusting system are aimed to control and monitor the dust removal all over the conveying line.  

Scope of Work and Services 

  • Development of a process plan for the line for materials handling and furnace hoppers loading including designing of dedusting system
  • Issue of the assignment for construction part (THz drawings), development of KM drawings for the installation of process equipment
  • Manufacturing and supply of process equipment (batchers of continuous action, flap gates, adjustable air dampers)
  • Development, manufacturing and supply: Equipment for PCS for materials handling and loading into furnace hoppers and PCS equipment for the dedusting system for the charge materials conveying line
  • Installation supervision and commissioning

Basic Parameters of Process Line 

 Batching error for continuous belt bathers out of MPL as per GOST 30124-94, % 


 Error in components proportion, % 

 Batching mode, tons per hour 


 Total performance of transportation system 


 Rarefaction of air in the dust aspiration system, KPa 

5 - 6

Note - MPL - maximum performance limit 

Process Line Components 

This process equipment is located in two shops and functionally divided into 2 sectors:

- Sector for receipt and treatment of charge materials
- Sector for batching and supply of charge materials into furnace hoppers

Process line within these sectors includes the following units:

- Storage, receiving and feed hoppers  for charge materials components                                           
- Batchers of continuous action
- Flap gates
- Belt conveyors

Process equipment, including:

- Air dampers
- Fans
- Discharge gates for cyclones
- Cyclones


  • Control of conveyors aimed for automatic loading of charge materials into storage bins and furnace hoppers
  • Monitoring, measuring, protection and diagnostics of electric motors of the conveyor
  • Control of 18 batching subsystems including belt feeders as per setup operation mode
  • Batching of charge materials components in the proportion setup in the formula meeting all metrological requirements
  • Monitoring of batching, handling emergency situations, generating trip off points and emergency alarm
  • Monitoring and control of dedusting systems through all the route of the conveyor
  • Registration of the current state of the system, generating and storing operation archives and reports for a shift and day to the server and their transfer to PCS of the shop 
  • Diagnostic, setup and metrological procedures aimed to define the state of the system 
  • Exchange of data through the server of the shop PCS upon requests

Features and Expected Benefits 

  • Process equipment and PCS equipment are located on the limited space of the existing shops: Shop for charge materials treatment and batching and melting unit.
  • Building up two transportation conveyors (backing up each other) for automatic loading of charge materials into storage bins and building up two transportation conveyors (backing up each other) for automatic loading of charge materials into furnace hoppers allow using the conveying equipment in the best mode and assuring loading of furnaces with charge materials to produce FeSiMn and FeSi.
  • The automated dedusting system for charge materials handling and batching has been build up, it assures removal of the dust through all the units of charge materials handling line.
  • Simocode ProV motor protection and control units and Micromaster frequency converters allow performing fail free control of electric actuators and support the required speed of air flow in the dedusting system. 
  • Belt  batchers of continuous action and the algorithm of the automatic batching adaptive system adjust and support the required proportion of components for charge materials in case of their irregular discharge from storage bins. 
  • Designed and manufactured devices for automatic switch on of the backup (ABP) provide the interruptible power supply for process equipment and control systems of the process lines. 
  • The reliability of the control system has been enhanced due to the use of hierarchal structure including tree levels of process equipment control. 
  • Building up the upper level of the control system using client-server technology makes a flexible and convenient architecture of process equipment control.  Back up of the process server provides the reliable operation and storage of process data.
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