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Implemented Projects

Continuous Batching Lines and PCS for Material Handing Sector #2 of Shop #1
Customer: Aksu Ferroalloy Plant, Branch of AO TNK Kazchrom (Republic of Kazakhstan, city of Aksu)


Process line for continuous batching and PCS for materials handling Sector #2 of Shop #1 are aimed for continuous loading of Furnaces #13 and 14 with multi-component charge materials as per a certain formula and performance rate in order to perform control over the operation of the conveying line for charge materials supply, to provide the line reliability and proper quality of products.

Scope of Work and Services 

  • Development of the technical assignment for the process line and PCS
  • Development of PCS design
  • Development of the process plan regarding linking to the existing process equipment 
  • Development of the design for a database server for the whole shop
  • Manufacturing and supply of continuous batchers and PCS
  • Installation supervision and commissioning

Basic Technical Parameters of Process Line 

 Batching error for continuous belt bathers out of MPL as per GOST 30124-94, % 


 Error in components proportion, % 

 Number of components


 Batching mode


 Average performance of the line, tons per hour 


 Time for loading of one furnace 


Note - MPL - maximum performance limit 

Process Line Components 

- Storage bins for charge materials components
- Batchers of continuous action
- Gates for discharge hoppers
- Collecting conveyors
- Inclined conveyors
- Distributing reversible conveyors
- Retractable conveyors


  • The efficiency of ore-smelting furnaces #13 and 14 has been enhanced through monitoring, analysis, coordination and adjustment of batching parameters, transportation and charge materials loading into furnace hoppers.
  • The charge materials are supplied directly from storage bins onto the belt of batchers, thus no vibrating feeders are used and there is no sticking or free flow of charge materials which is very difficult to control. 
  • The error in the proportion of charge materials components (in case of irregular discharge) does not exceed 1% due to adaptive automatic batching system of ASAD.
  • There is an automatic adjustment of the formula depending on the humidity and content of the main component.
  • The reliability of the process line has been enhanced due to 3 level PCS; monitoring of the stand-by line for charge materials supply has been provided. 
  • Now it is possible to setup formulas for charge materials supply and addition from automated control desks for Furnace #13 and 14 of the shop information system (IIS-1). 
  • Now one can obtain reports on a single addition and for a shift through the shop information system.
  • The operation of the batching sector is fully automated.
  • Databases on the operation of the batching line have been obtained and provided the data exchange with the information system controlling the whole plant.
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