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Implemented Projects

Process Line and Control System for Treatment and Supply of Molding Sand for Melting Shop
Customer: OOO Kaslinsky Plant for Art Castings (Russia, city of Kasli)


The process line is aimed for batching and preparation of mold sand as well as metering of the materials being the components of the mixture.

Scope of Work and Services

  • Development of technical requirements for the process line within the automated control system for batching 
  • Development of the technical assignment and design documents for PCS process line
  • Supply of process equipment (auger and rotary feeders, intermittent batchers, emergency discharge gates)
  • Manufacturing and supply of PCS equipment
  • Installation supervision and commissioning

Basic Technical Parameters of Process Line

 Accuracy class as per GOST 10223-97, %    


 Batching mode

by batches

 Capacity, t/h 


Process Line Components

  • Storage bins with mounted vibrators
  • Auger feeders
  • Rotary feeders
  • Bin gates with manual actuators
  • Drum polyangular screens
  • Bin batchers
  • Bin batchers for liquid components
  • Casting mixers
  • Tubular drag-link conveyors


  • Quality mixing up of basic components up to their loading into storage bins of molding machines
  • Automatic support of the required accuracy of basic materials batching
  • Monitoring of batching, handling emergency situations, generating trip off points and emergency alarm, which improves compliance with process requirements and enhances reliability of the system controlling batching
  • Control of actuators from the manual control station 
  • Signaling of the lowest level in the storage bins on the manual control station
  • Setting up formula from batchers control panel and automatic support of accuracy in the batching of basic materials 
  • Recording the material flow from storage bins
  • Monitoring and display of process progress, registration and storage of process data and generating reports


Linking the new equipment with the existing one is implemented with no shutdown, thus one can use the newly introduced technology and the existing one.

All units are united into one network, which provides full scale diagnostics of the equipment operation, including each actuating device (motors, sensors etc).

The mounted vibrators are used in order to avoid sticking of the materials to the walls of storage bins. 

The heating system is used for liquid material batchers in order to avoid freezing of the liquid. 

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