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Implemented Projects

Batching Line for Periclase-carbonaceous Products of Magnesian Shop
Customer: OAO Nizhny Tagil Metallurgy Works (Russia, city of Nizhny Tagil)


Process line for periclase-carbonaceous products of Magnesian Shop, Fire Resistant Production, is aimed for batching, mixing of components in order to prepare and deliver the mixture to the press bins in compliance with the preset formula.

Scope of Work and Services

  • Development of technical requirements for the automatic control system; development of the technical assignment and design documents for PCS
  • Supply of process equipment (belt conveyors, feeders and weighing units, valves, batchers, including the one of the explosion proof design)
  • Manufacturing and supply of PCS equipment
  • Installation supervision and commissioning

Basic Technical Parameters of Process Line

 Accuracy class as per GOST 10223-97, %   


 Batching mode

by batches 

Process Line Components

  • Auxiliary and storage bins for mixture components, including mounted vibrators
  • Bins for dry components and weighing bins for liquid components
  • Mixers
  • Bins for mixture maturing
  • Belt, drug-link tubular conveyors
  • Screens and press bins
  • Process equipment: 
       - Dedusting unit (AU-1) to remove dust at Line 1 of transportation equipment 
       - Dedusting unit (A-2) to remove dust at Lines 2, 3 of the transportation equipment
       - Dedusting unit (AU-1) to remove dust at Line 1 of the transportation equipment in the shop extension
       - Dedusting units (V4, V5) - standby 


  • Development of the formula for the operator's work station and its transfer for execution with consequent startup of the line in accordance with this formula
  • Batching of charge components in the proportion setup in the formula meeting all metrological requirements
  • Monitoring of batching, handling emergency situations, generating trip off points and emergency alarm, indicating the state of the process equipment on the local mnemonic diagram
  • Registration of the current state of the system, generating and storing operation archives and reports for a shift and day to the server and their transfer to PCS of the shop

Features and Expected Benefits

Basing on Line 2 the batching line was built up with the capacity for at least 20 tons of periclase-carbonaceous products per year  For this purpose

  • Line 2 was equipped with the following additional equipment:

- Batching equipment increasing the automatic loading up to 9-10 components and allowing batching explosive components
- Bin for discarded mixture
- Storage bin - vibrating boosters

  • The existing batchers of Line 2 were upgraded in order to provide the required volume and accuracy of batching
  • Bins for mixture maturing were equipped with the additional electric equipment to control maturing and transportation system to transport components to the mixer and to bins for mixture maturing

Process flows were isolated which provided the full loading of presses.
The new PCS is fully compatible with existing PCS of other levels and performing some other functions.

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