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Implemented Projects

Package Supply of Hardware and Software for Automatic Control System for Ore Smelting Furnace RK0-25
Customer: TOO Tarazsky Metallurgical Works (Republic of Kazakhstan, city of Taraz)


The system is aimed for the efficient operation of Ore Smelting Furnace RKO-25 CMn due to automatic monitoring, analysis, coordination and adjustment of the main process parameters of the furnace. 

Scope of Work and Services

  • Development of the technical assignment and design documents for PCS process line
  • Manufacturing and supply of PCS equipment
  • Installation supervision and commissioning

Facility to Be Controlled and Monitored by Automatic Control System 

Ore Smelting Furnace RKO-25 is the facility to be controlled.
The following process equipment is controlled and monitored by the automatic control system:

  • Hydraulic system for contract clamps
  • Air blowing system for furnace bottom
  • Switching devices for furnace transformers 
  • Air blowing system for electrodes with air ovens and fans
  • Oil pressure station and slide valve panels


  • Monitoring and control of electric modes of the furnace
  • Monitoring and control of heating modes of the furnace
  • Monitoring and control of electrode contact clamps
  • Monitoring and control of hydro bypass control equipment and hydro movement of electrodes
  • Monitoring and control of the equipment for the furnace bottom air blowing
  • Monitoring and control of the equipment for air cooling and heating of electrodes
  • Monitoring and control of switching devices for furnace transformers
  • Generating trip points and checking out the state of the equipment
  • Collecting and archiving of data, generating process reports
  • Provision of data for the user and issue of tasks for the automatic control system


Equipping the furnace with the automatic control system allows controlling and monitoring of the furnace operation on a new level, including:

  • Continuous automatic monitoring of process parameters
  • Ensuring proper state of the equipment and recording functions
  • Continuous automatic monitoring of electric parameters with recording functions
  • Continuous automatic monitoring of the equipment state
  • Central receipt of the sufficient electronic data on operation, consequent treatment of data and their displaying at the work station
  • Automatic continuous control of personnel actions and keeping the log of events, improvement of process compliance and reliability of the furnace operation
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