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Implemented Projects

Batching Line and PCS for Charge Preparation for Runner Clay and Other Clays
Customer: OOO Magnezit-torkret-massy (Russia, city of Satka)


LZM PCS is aimed for automatic monitoring and control in real time mode of charge batching for runner clay and other clays.

Scope of Work and Services

  • Development of technical requirements for automated control system for batching
  • Development of the technical assignment and design documents for PCS
  • Supply of process equipment (hopper batchers, vibration feeders, auger feeders, pneumatic gates, manual gates)
  • Manufacturing and supply of PCS equipment
  • Installation supervision and commissioning

Basic Technical Parameters of Process Line

 Accuracy class as per GOST 10223-97, %  


 Batching mode

 by batches 

Process Line Components

  • Storage hoppers - 8 pcs,
  • Hopper batchers - 2 pcs,
  • Vibration feeders - 4 pcs,
  • Auger feeders - 4 pcs,
  • Pneumatic gates - 10 pcs,
  • Manual gates - 8 pcs.


  • Development of the formula for the operator's work station and its transfer for execution with consequent startup of the line in accordance with this formula
  • Monitoring over ultimate loading level of storage hoppers
  • Monitoring and control of batching, handling emergency situations, generating trip off points and emergency alarm
  • Generating reports as per batchers, as per number of supplies and for a shift
  • Generating graphs, alarms, archives


Development of LZM PCS implies increase in ranges of products and scope of production by 15 thousand tons per year (from 30 up to 45 thousand tons), as well as organization of runner clay and other clays production.

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