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NKU 03 Low Voltage Packaged Unit

NKU 03 is aimed to be used as an input, recording, switching and control device for general industrial purposes, such as patrol stations, car washing, small stores and offices, warehouses etc.



  • Power distribution amongst consumers
  • Recording of consumed power
  • Control over electronic equipment by means of control units located on the cabinet door:

- air conditioners and fans
- electric heaters
- indoor and outdoor illumination
- sound and light alarms
- pumps and compressors with the capacity up to 15 kW

  • The following auxiliary process equipment can be located in NKU 03:

- level gauges
- fire and security alarm etc.


Technical Parameters

 Rated voltage, V


 Rated current, A

- when connecting to main and standby power supply line

up to 200

- when connected to standby power supply line by passing electricity meter

up to 100

 Number of multiple distribution lines with protective automatic switches, by the input of each line 3F, 63A


 Number of outgoing lines (rated current) through upper and lower terminal blocks*

- monophase, A

up to 42

- triphase, A

up to 12



 Dimensions (width x depth x height), mm, not more


 Weight, kg, not exceeding


* Quantity and output capacity of outgoing lines are be specified in the order.

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