BUZ-03M Unit for Motor Control and Protection

BUZ-03M electronic control unit provided with magnetic starter is aimed for control and protection of asynchronous electric motors with the capacity from 0,37 to 250 kW.

Application- control over stop valves (gate valves, ball cocks and butterfly valves), as well as general purpose pumps, compressors, fans, coolers, heaters and conveyors. 

Basic Functions

 Motor control

  • Motor control by means of external magnetic starter
  • Motor control by means of terminal and torque switches
  • Motor control from keyboard or upper level controller
  • Electronic measuring of the motor torque with capacity up to 15kW

 Remote control

  • Motor control by means of discrete outputs
  • Linking with telemechanics system through RS-485 interface with Profibus DP and Modbus RTU protocols
  • Hookup of up to 64 BUZ-03M units to one data line

 Motor protection

  • From phase loss
  • From dropping of insulation resistance
  • From winding overheating
  • Adjustable current-time protection
  • From shaft load loss
  • From excessive shaft load, including motor automatic switch off
  • From overrunning allowable frequency start

 Protection from circuit parameters failure

  • From overvoltage and undervoltage
  • From change in the sequence of circuit phases
  • From phase distortion in the supply voltage


Technical Parameters

 Capacity of the electric motor to be connected, kW


 Nominal voltage of the main circuit, V


 Supply voltage of BUZ-03M, V


 Deviation of the circuit voltage, %

 from -49 to +47

 Sags in the circuit, s

up to 1

 Supply voltage for discrete output, V


 Number of discrete outputs programmable as per the purpose of function, ea  


 Supported exchange rate, bps

9600 – 57600

 Ambient temperature, °С

 from -40 to +60

 Dimensions (width x depth x height), mm


 Weight, kg




  • Measuring phase voltage, motor insulation resistance, motor torque
  • Displaying at LC display at all current, preset parameters, readings of sensors and black boxes data
  • Adjusting of the position by means of in-built PID controller
  • Recording consumed power (active, reactive and total)
  • Position sensor with analogue output (4-20) mA or resistive position sensor can be connected
  • Self diagnostics and storing information on steering instructions, setup changes and emergencies in the data module (black box) with independent power supply and real time clock