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Rail Wheels Final Inspection Line (FIL-2)

Within the framework of revamping of Wheels Final Inspection Line-2 SME Tomsk Electronic Company being a General Contractor   provided the following services:

  • Technical requirements generation for process units of the line
  • Process plan development including construction task preparation
  • Designing PCS, data communications networks, video control systems and dispatch systems
  • Selection and process units supply in accordance with the technical requirements worked out and approved by the Customer
  • Development of construction documentation and manufacture of equipment for conveyor system
  • Development of the equipment for the existing conveying line and data connection with the existing PCS
  • Installation supervision and commissioning

Implementation of this project enabled:

  • Revamping the line non-stop
  • Introducing the unified information space of the line and integrating it into the shop space, forming a full electronic certificate of the wheel, recording all parameters and properties of the wheel (paint quality, roto-blast hardening, internal structure etc.) and monitoring the travel of the wheel along the conveying system
  • Increasing production of railroad wheels with the increased wear characteristics

Final Inspection Line data

 Annual capacity, wheels per year 


 Annual running time,hours


 Line cycle, sec per piece


 Line capacity


 Conveying equipment weight, t


 Conveying equipment capacity, kW    


 External wheel diameter, mm


 Wheel mass, kg



PCS Structure

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