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Automated Metal Tracking System

Automated Metal Tracking System is aimed to collect, process and store data from process units and PCS at all production stages.

Introduction of Automated Metal Tracking System enables:

  • Integrating all information subsystems of the section, shop, production in order to get on-line information about the current production process
  • Maintaining product database, recording all parameters and properties, monitoring process operations and current location for generation of a product report
  • Generating a full electronic product certificate and a shipping list to be sent to a Customer (Buyer)
  • Transferring required information to upper control level systems (ERP systems) to generate product quantity and quality reports

Main Functions of Automated Metal Tracking System: 

  • On-line receipt of the data from associated information about metal tracking through process operations linked to the unique product identifier (blank, breakdown bar number)
  • Incoming data storage in the database with recording of process events in real time, reflecting the metal movement through main process sections
  • Automatic receipt of data on process parameters of individual units and process lines, matching process data to individual products
  • Central storage of all data on process and final inspection of products linked to the unique product identifier and time
  • On-line display of metal movement data and process parameters at the operators' workstations
  • Formation of an end product certificate with data from all stages of production and quality control
  • Display of archive data of operational parameters for both a product unit and group (batch, melting operation, shift) at the workstations of operating and administrative personnel
  • Data transfer to the upper level system for analysis, recording and calculation of technical and economic performance of a section, a shop, production
  • Diagnostics and monitoring of primary data collection devices

System software and hardware are configured with due regard to conditions and scope of problems to be solved.

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