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Heat Treatment Line with Barbotage Function

Heat Treatment Line is designed to harden blanks with the following features:

 Minimum dimensions, height-width-depth, mm 


 Maximum dimensions, height-width-depth, mm 


 Maximum weight, kg


 Maximum temperature before heat treatment, ºС    


Heat Treatment Line consists of the following units: 

  • Heating furnace
  • Device for unloading blanks from a furnace
  • Device for transferring blanks through a hardening reservoir
  • Hardening reservoir
  • Barbotage, circulation and liquid cooling unit
  • Pick-and-place machine
  • Tempering furnace
  • Booster station
  • Automated control system

Heating furnace heats blanks up to 1000 ºС.

Device for unloading blanks from the furnace take holds of blanks, transfers them horizontally to a primary grid and then to a hardening reservoir.

Transport unit transfers blanks to a holding position and then to the area serviced by a pick-and-place machine.

Hardening reservoir is aimed to accumulate a certain volume of cooling fluid sufficient for blank hardening.

Barbotage, circulation and liquid cooling unit takes in the required amount of cooling fluid from hardening reservoir, decontaminates, cools and pumps it to the hardening zone (barbotage).

Pick-and-place machine takes blanks from the transport unit and transfers them to a load-transfer device of the tempering furnace.

Components are heated up to the required temperature in the tempering furnace in order to relieve some residual stress.

Booster station composed of air treatment system, compressor, receiver, pressure-relief and stop valves supplies the required amount of compressed air for hardening equipment operation.

Automated control system (ACS) is aimed to maintain correct operation of the heat treatment line equipment in the automatic and manual modes.

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