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Gas Metering Systems


Aimed for automatic metering of natural and associated gas during storage, transportation, gas processing, and also for recording operations. The metering of natural and associated petroleum gas is done in compliance with the following regulations:

  • GOST 30319.1-3
  • GSSSD MR 113
  • GOST 8.615
  • GOST 8.586.1-5
  • MI 2667
  • PR 50.2.019


Given the growing needs of our Customers and most advanced techniques in metering equipment, SME Tomsk Electronic Company offers various options for SIKG supplying:

  • Gas flow rate from 0.5 up to 1 000 000* nm3/h
  • Pressure from 0 up to 10 MPa
  • Nominal diameter of pipeline from 12.5 to 700 mm
  • Location of process and electric equipment in shelters, prefabricated buildings on site or open pads
  • Various types and configurations of the equipment, including flow meters and weight meters by the following manufacturers: Irvis, Sibnefteavtomatika, Emerson, Endress+Hauser, Yokogawa, Metran, BOZNA etc

Note: ranges of parameters can be extended should it be requested by the Customer.

SME Tomsk Electronic Company follows all the changes in regulatory documents regarding gas metering, participates in seminars on oil and gas and offers new options and opportunities for gas metering. Our Company is delighted to offer metering systems for natural gas based on MicroTEK-06 and associated petroleum gas based on MicroTEK-02 and MicroTEK-11. Upon Customer's requirements it is possible to provide metering of natural and associated petroleum gas within the same system, using one metering controller, thus one can optimize space and save costs for equipment servicing.

When supplying oil, gas or water metering units all at a time, or when constructing petrochemical and metallurgical productions it is possible to provide a unified data processing system, in which one IVK MicroTEK  with operator's workstation are applied. Please note that data processing system based on IVK MicroTEK allows performing not only metering but PCS functions. This will allow significantly decrease costs on operator's workstation.

Our company offers supplying SIKG on turn key basis, using its own automated metering devices:

  • Modular computing unit MicroTEK, entered into State Register of Measuring Devices and allowed for use in the Russian Federation and Republic of Kazakhstan, provided with certified natural and associated gas metering algorithms, spark proof barriers and configurable software
  • Operator's workstation with visualization system Wizard based on InTouch, TraceMode, WinCC, Cimplicity and other software (adjustable with any other PCS)
  • Gas contamination control systems based on  GSM gas detectors
  • Electric drives RemTEKto control valves, pumps etc

SME Tomsk Electronic Company guarantees compatibility of process and electric equipment being a part of SIKG. Flow distribution between metering lines can be both manual and automatic. Number and diameter of metering lines are calculated basing on maximum flow rate through SIKG and type of applied flow meters.

Gas metering skids are located to shelters  or some parts of them (flow meters, temperature and pressure sensors) can be located to heated cabinets.


SIKG consists of the following functional units:

  • Filters
  • Inlet and outlet manifold, piping and stop valves
  • Differential pressure sensors
  • Weight, turbine, rotary, vortex, thermo anemometric flow meters, as well as standard restricting devices with differential pressure sensors or Annular tubes
  • Pressure and temperature sensors
  • Pressure gauges and thermometers
  • Pressure and flow controllers equipped with electric drives RemTEK
  • Hardware and Software


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