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Auxiliary Equipment and Software for Integrated Metering Systems


They are applied for processing and metering signals, backup and displaying, controlling metering modes and power supply.


SME Tomsk Electronic Company offers supplying hardware and software as individual components as per technical requirements, as well as within integrated metering systems, and configuration and components can be selected by the Customer.

When supplying hardware and software we can use equipment manufactured by us as well as any other equipment offered by the Customer.

When supplying oil, gas or water metering units all at a time, or when constructing petrochemical and metallurgical productions it is possible to provide a unified data processing system, in which one IVK MicroTEK with operator's workstation are applied. Please note that data processing system based on IVK MicroTEK allows performing not only metering but PCS functions. This will allow significantly decrease costs on operator's workstation.


Hardware and software include:


1. Data Processing System (SOI)

Computing Unit

It is aimed for collecting and processing data from primary and auxiliary flow meters, temperature, pressure and density sensors etc., calculating values of volume and weight of crude and commercial oil, natural and associated petroleum gas, formation water, various flows and power resources.

Control Unit (can be installed to the same cabinet with a computing unit)

Provides the following functions:

  • Forwarding control signals to control elements of integrated metering systems (stop and control valves, heating devices and electric pumps)
  • Switching alarm when going beyond the operation range of the signal
  • Executing emergency algorithms

Note - Control Units are used for basic configurations of metering and recording systems.. However programmable logical controllers by some other manufacturers can be used as control units.


It is aimed for displaying results of metering and calculation parameters in the form of curves, tables and mnemonics, and generating and archiving main reporting documents which can also be printed out.


2. Power Supply and Control

Subsystem for Automatic Standby (AVR)

It is aimed for automatic mutual backup of boos sections of various power supply inlets, as well as automatic switching over of illumination and power equipment of integrated metering systems to standby power supply, should the regular feeding get lost in alternating current nets.

Auxiliary Equipment Cabinet (SVA)

It is aimed for locating secondary equipment of metering devices (water cut meters, samplers and flow meters etc) and stable power supply for instrumentation.

Subsystem for Power Supply Distribution (SRP)

It is aimed for power supply of all electric equipment of integrated metering systems (fans, pumps, heating devices, regular, emergency and outside illumination, maintenance and socket nets, as well as data processing system and power consumers in control room).

Subsystem for Power Control (SSU)

 It is aimed to control electric equipment of integrated systems.It provides the following:

  • Adjustment of rotation frequency for asynchronous motors of pumps
  • Control over samplers, heating devices as well as regular and emergency illumination
  • Protection from overloading and short circuit

Control System for Weighing Equipment SD-01

SD-01 control system within a continuous belt batcher  is aimed at providing volumemetric and gravimetric batching of bulk materials as per setup metrological parameters.

Operation Features:

  • Metering materials at the dumping section of batching conveyor
  • Metering irregular distribution of the belt linear density
  • Adjustment of material weighing when the length of belt changes
  • Manual and automatic correction of discharge as per humidity and content of the materials
  • Discharging material as a continuous flow and preset batch

Control System for Weighing Equipment SD-02

SD-02 control system within a continuous hopper batcher is aimed at providing volumemetric and gravimetric batching of fluid and bulk materials as per setup metrological parameters.

Operation Features:


Control System for Weighing Equipment SD-03

SD-03 control system within discontinuous weighing hopper is aimed for weighing specified batches of bulk and fluid materials as per certain metrological parameters.

Operation Features:

  • Control of feeder operation (with fine batching function)
  • Control of batcher gate operation (mechanical and pneumatic etc)
  • Adaptive control of vibrating devices in storage hopper and batching hopper

Control Panel for Batchers (SKU-D)

Control panel for batchers contain the functions of several control systems SD-01, thus forming general control system for weighing equipment. Configuration and dimensions of SKU-D depend on the quantity of weighing equipment to be controlled.

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