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Systems of Routine Metering for Various Flows and Power Resources

Engineering and production capabilities, available standard technical solutions and experienced specialists of SME Tomsk Electronic Company allow providing a full set of services on development (upgrade) and introduction of automated information systems for metering and recording of consumption, stocking and offloading of various resources and final products for all sort of companies of different production scale (workshops, factories, plants etc).

Routine metering of various flows and power resources has the following profiles: 

Full service recording for companies with significant truck and railroad transportation is provided by the integration of these systems into automated systems for traffic control and production records (ASDU).

These systems are organized using hierarchical distribution system and standard design solutions on the level of a metering system/unit/device based on most advanced metering tools, however with the maximum use of technical resources and information structure already existent and used by the Customer.


The systems are implemented aiming at MES level philosophy (production process PCS), therefore applied hardware and software are fully open for future development and integration with other PCS and ADS: SCADA, DPU, PDM, LIMS, ERP and others. Many of design solutions are used for introduction of integrated automation for various productions, such as double or multiple use for IT support of PCS configuration and metering and recording systems.

We can develop systems starting from metering skids for some individual process pads up to metering systems for all production facilities.

Integrated services for system development are provided as per standard procedure: Express evaluation→ technical requirements + specifications → technical and commercial offer → tender / contract → technical assignment/design → manufacturing/completion → civil works → setup and commissioning → startup (for commercial metering systems - metrological appraisal and certification by State Technical Surveillance bodies) → maintenance.

Company production capacities allowing to perform all the above activities within the Company and project management experience significantly reduce implementation time and manufacturing transaction costs.


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