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Block of Metering Lines


The block is aimed for metering flow rate and monitoring of oil and oil product parameters and transferring these data for further processing. Number and diameter of metering lines are calculated as per recommendations for oil metering system design depending on maximum flow passing through SIKN and type of applied flow meters. Flow distribution between metering lines can be both manual and automatic.


Standard diameters: 50,  80, 100, 150, 200 mm


Block of metering lines consists of:

  • Weight or volume flow meters
  • Inlet and outlet manifold, piping and stop valves
  • Pressure and temperature sensors
  • Pressure gauges and thermometers
  • Flow controller with RemTEK electric drives
  • Connection point for mobile calibration unit
  • Drainage system

We use the equipment by the following manufacturers:

  • Flow meters: 

- weight: Emerson, Krohne, Endress+Hauser
- volume: BOZNA, ENHA, Krohne

  • Temperature and excess pressure sensor: Emerson, Metran, Yokogawa, JUMO
  • Pressure gauges: Manotom
  • Control and stop valves: RUST-95, KAZ, LG-Avtomatika
  • Stop valves: Enerpred-Yardos, GKS, GIRAS
  • Electric Drives RemTEK: SME TEC

It is possible to use the equipment by some other manufactures upon the Customer's requirement.

Configuration Options

Block of metering lines can have the following configurations:

  • In a separate shelter
  • In the shelter jointly with some other units

If it is implemented as a separate unit, it is more convenient as regards locating, operation, servicing and maintenance.

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