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Block for Quality Parameters Metering


It is aimed for monitoring and metering of quality parameters for transported oil and oil products.

Components of Block

Block for quality metering includes the following:

  • Main and standby fine filter with quick detachable cap
  • Main and standby pump*
  • Differential pressure sensors*
  • Flow density meter
  • Flow water cut meter
  • Flow meter
  • Pressure and temperature sensors
  • Pressure gauges and thermometers
  • Piping and stop valves
  • Drainage system

Also the block for quality parameters metering can include thermostatic cylinder for density metering by specific density hydrometer, outlets to connect picnometer, device for associated gas metering.

Note - * Upon Customer's requirement.

We use the equipment by the following manufacturers:

  • Flow meters: BOZNA, ENHA, Krohne
  • Temperature and excess pressure sensor: Emerson, Metran, Yokogawa, JUMO
  • Pressure gauges: Manotom
  • Flow density meters: Solartron, Sarasota
  • Flow water cut meters: UDVN, Phase Dynamics, ВСН
  • Pumps: Verder, Energo-Komplect, Hydromashservice
  • Samplers - automatic and manual: BOZNA
  • Control and stop valves: RUST-95, KAZ, LG-Avtomatika
  • Stop valves: Enerpred-Yardos, GKS, GIRAS
  • Electric Drives RemTEK: SME TEC

It is possible to use the equipment by some other manufactures upon the Customer's requirement.

Certificates  [pdf 373.58 Кб]
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