Design of Pipeline Systems

Specialists from our design institute will perform designing of new facilities and revamping (major overhaul, upgrade) of existing pipeline transportation systems and their branches with nominal diameter up to 1400 mm with excessive fluid pressure above than 1.2 MPa (12 kgs/ up to 10 MPa (100 kgs/ by laying a single line or as a bundle of lines to transport the following:

  • Oil, oil products (including stable condensate and stable benzene), natural, petroleum and associated hydrocarbon gases from their production area (fields) or storage facilities up to the places of consumption (tanks farms, terminals, off loading stations, gas distribution stations, industrial and agricultural companies and ports)
  • Liquefied hydrocarbon gaseous fractions C(3) and C(4) and their mixtures, wild gasoline and condensated petroleum gas and other liquid hydrocarbons with saturation pressure not higher than 1.6 MPa (16 kgs/ by temperature plus 40 C from production fields or main transportation pump stations to the place of consumption
  • Commercial products within compressor stations and oil pumping stations, underground gas storage facilities, booster pump stations, gas distribution stations and gas metering skids
  • Impulse, fuel and start gas for booster stations, underground gas storage facilities, gas distribution stations, gas metering skids and gas reduction stations

The Following Units Can Be Designed as a Part of Pipeline Systems:

  • Pipelines (tapping from main field line for stocktank oil long distance transportation) with branch lines and loopings, isolation valves, crossings over natural and man-made obstacles, junction points to booster stations, compressors and gas reduction stations, startup units and treatment facilities, condensate traps and methanol units
  • Anti-corrosion electrochemical pipeline protection, communication lines and facilities, remote control
  • Power supply lines, aimed for pipeline maintenance, power supply and remote control for isolation valves and electrochemical protection units
  • Fire fighting systems and units, anti-erosion and protection devices for pipelines
  • Tanks for storage and gas knock out, emergency tanks for oil, oil products, condensate and liquid hydrocarbons
  • Auxiliary facilities for pipeline maintenance service
  • Regular motor roads and helicopter pads alone the pipeline route, access ways to them, warning and other signs for pipeline location
  • Main and intermittent pumping and off loading pump stations, tank farms, compressor stations and gas distribution units
  • Heating units for oil and oil products