Automated Control System for Training Center

System Title

Automated control system for production training grounds for Training Center of OOO Gasprom Transgas Tomsk.

Purpose of the System Development

PSC for production training grounds has been developed in order to help trainees to master some practical skills of operating some real production equipment as well as introduction to most advanced technology and equipment.

Description of Automation

Training grounds of Training Centre of OOO Gasprom Transgas Tomsk is operated as per training guidelines of OAO Gasprom (СНО, current law in force, federal law and regulations by the Government, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour, OAO Gasprom.

Basic tasks for Training Center are the following:

  • Practical training of gas industry specialists in servicing and operating production equipment of linear part of MG, gas distribution stations, compressor stations, AGNKS
  • Practical training in process control through ESD (automatic control system) both in emergency situations and under regular operation conditions
  • Practical training in operating advanced instrumentation and tools
  • Practical training in safe operation techniques when handling gas equipment, electric equipment
  • Testing practical skills through professional competitions of employees
  • Practical training in mastering new equipment, tools and technologies, used for gas industry for those taking part in internal company training and some special professional development courses
  • Professional appraisal for company employees to ensure their awareness of regulations and availability of practical skills in performing hazardous operations

System Functions

  • Integrating systems with existing ESD on partially installed instrumentation of production equipment
  • Simulation of instrumentation signals
  • Simulation of consequent ESD (second, third etc) through special software (emulator)
  • Receipt of the data from all ESD to central control point
  • Control of simulation signals from operator's work desk through server
  • Displaying data from ESD of technological units to operator's desks of trainees
  • Generating scenarios of instrumentation signals in order to simulate certain situation on the facilities
  • Managing channels for inputs and outputs of simulators
  • Generating and printing out reports on the system operation
  • Generating event logs on emergencies and printing them out


The system is based on simulators and emulators of production equipment.