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Automated Desks for Various Specialists

АРМ специалистов      

Software for automated desks consists of several modules. The Customer chooses the functional modules, which can be configured to be used for each specific company.

Software architecture of the systems allows optimization of modules, thus such automation projects can be divided into stages (from simple functions to more commutated) or one can choose economy solution with limited functions.

Standard Solutions

Automated Desk

Main Functions

 Automated Desk for HR Department

 Keeping personnel files, recording routine operations, generating schedules and timetables for production personnel

 Automated Desk for Planning Department

 Keeping reference books, procedures and performance standards, recording performance scope, fuel consumption; economic analysis

 Automated Desk for Accounting Department

 Recording working hours for personnel and equipment, recording equipment and material movements, productions records, providing data for calculation of piece rate wages

 Automated Desk for Process Engineer

 Long term and short term planning of mining activities, analysis of production results against planned/actual rates

 Automated Desk for Mechanic

 Planning and recording of technical maintenance and all types of process equipment repair

Automated Desk for HR Department

Automated desk for HR department performs the following functions:

  • Keeping registers of personnel, subdivisions, positions, recording of all routine HR operations (hiring, transfer, dismissal)
пример 5
  • Generating working hours schedules in compliance with production procedures of the Company
  • Development of working schedule for each employee
  • Generating general schedules and group schedules for employees
пример 6
  • Assigning of employees to certain process equipment
  • Amendment, backup schedules in case of absence from work

Automated Desk for Planning Department

Automated desk of planning department performs the following functions:

  • Generating reference books of equipment and brands
пример 7
  • Generating schedules for types of work, types of cargo and its metering units, work sites etc.
пример 8
  • Generating following procedures: Production norms for process equipment, statistics for the equipment performance, norms for fuel consumption, reports on operation conditions etc.
пример 9
  • Generating text and graphic reports on production of coal (ore, minerals), scope of transported rock, fuel consumption as per types and units of vehicles, personnel, job sites for a certain period of time
пример 10
  • Calculation of operation efficacy rates and comparative figures for economic analysis and production planning

Automated desk for accounting department

Automated Desk of Accounting Department performs the following functions:

  • Generating timesheet reports
  • Data preparation for work piece wage calculation
  • Generating reports on procedures violation
  • Generation of fuel consumption sheets
  • Generating of sheets for diesel fuel movement
  • Generating sheets for consumption of lubricants and other consumables
  • Generating data on fulfillment of production tasks
  • Recording and taking off the records of automobile tires

Automated Desk for Process Engineer

Automated desk for process engineer performs the following functions:

  • Development of basic data for mining operations planning (schedule for process transportation repair, performance norms, transportation distance for coal and stripping, scope of mining operations for each site)
  • Development of schedule for production, stripping, drilling and blasting operations, movement of excavation and loading transportation etc.

Automated Desk for Mechanic

Automated desk for mechanic performs the following functions:

  • Generating and maintaining of technical service procedures for process equipment
  • Generating reference books for materials, units and assemblies
  • Generating and keeping records for process equipment reflecting data on service life, maintenance, repair etc
  • Planning of technical maintenance and preventive repair basing on the data on assembly service life and technical maintenance procedures
пример 11
  • Generating schedules for technical maintenance
  • Generating of reference books for automobile tires, symbols, sizes and installation sites
пример 12
  • Recording of tire life (run) 
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