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Database Server

SME TEC offers industrial servers by Hewlett Packard, Advantech and others for collection and long-term storage of data for traffic control and recording systems.

The database server is developed basing on MS SQL, ORACLE.

The server equipment and software are selected during the system design.

Database server performs the following basic functions:

  • Receipt and storage of data arriving from mobile facilities, process equipment and automated operator's desks
  • Issue of data upon requests from operator's automated desks, dispatchers and other working stations
  • Data protection from unauthorized access
  • Introduction of universal time service

Сервер БД


Technical Parameters

 Intel Pentium 4, GHz


 Active memory DDR SDRAM, Gbyte


 Network interface

Ethernet 10/100

 HDD drive, pc

  4 with interface SATA 

 Input/output ports

  RS-232, USB, LPT   

 Support for RAID file

0, 1, 5,10  levels

 Supply voltage, V


 Power demand, W, not more


 Ambient temperature, ºC   

 from 0 to 35

 Weight, kg, not exceeding


 Dimensions (width x depth x height), mm

19” х 17” х 1,7”

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