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Bulldozer Onboard Equipment

SME TEC offers supplying additional bulldozer onboard equipment when bulldozers are used within the automated system of traffic control and production records.

The equipment components and instruments are defined and approved by the Customer during the system designing.

The basic set of the bulldozer onboard equipment includes items of the serial production of the Company.



Bulldozer Onboard Equipment 

Additionally the dump truck onboard equipment can include instruments by some other manufacturers, recommended and adapted by SME TEC to be used in the traffic control systems.


  • Receipt of location coordinates and rate of a bulldozer
  • Estimation of fuel quantity in the bulldozer's tank
  • Estimation of mining equipment downtime for a shift
  • Calculation of mileage for a shift
  • Calculation of worked hours
  • Registration of received fuel
  • Registration of unauthorized fuel discharge
  • Displaying data on the operator's (driver's) panel
  • Provision of voice communication with a dispatcher
  • Data transfer through communication channel to database server
  • Keeping timesheets for an operator

Bulldozers Equipped


 D475A, D375A, D275A, WD900, WD600, WD500   


 D6R, D6N, D7, D8, D9, D10, D11R

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