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Storage Facilities

The main solutions for warehouse facilities are the following:

  • organization of acceptance of basic bulk materials (wagon dumpers and receiving racks) and location to storage facilities (silos, bunkers and racks)
  • preparing basic materials for further use (sizing, crushing, classifying, drying etc)
  • transfer to storage bins of metallurgical plants (conveying systems)
  • regular supervision and recording of material flows (systems for weighing recording)
  • timely supply of materials etc.

Receipt of Basic Materials and Their Location to Storage Facilities

Materials are received into storage bins, silos and other storage facilities. Materials are delivered into warehouses as per routine monthly or ten-day procurement plans by railroad, automobile or some other transport. Arrived materials are properly accepted checking the compliance of quality and quantity with accompanying documents (waybills, certificates etc) and technical provisions. When locating and storing materials it provides secure storage of materials, maximum use of space as well as convenience of receipt, allotment and recording operations.


Preparation of Basic Materials

Organization of materials allotment includes their preparation for consumption:

  • Assortment
  • Crushing
  • Pelletizing
  • Classification
  • Drying etc.
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