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Ferroalloy Production

Lines for Raw Materials Acceptance and Treatment Batching Lines Material Handling Lines

The first batching line for ferroalloy production was supplied and commissioned in 2002. In 2002-2008 more than 20 process lines and control systems have been commissioned (Implemented Projects) in order to produce such ferroalloys as: Ferrochrome (FeCr), ferrosilicon (FeSi), ferrovanadium (FeV), ferromanganese (FeMn),  ferromolybdenum (FeMo).

SME Tomsk Electronic Company can offer the following for ferroalloy production:


Features of Process Lines

For continuous supply:

  • Error in batching out of the maximum production limit is 0.5 - 1% as per GOST 30124-94:

 - For continuous batching supporting the preset proportion in the batching mode when batching intermittent doses

  • Supporting accuracy of components proportion not worse than 1% 

For batching:

  • Accuracy of batching within 1% as per GOST 10223-97
  • Replacement of vibrating feeders with belt ones (those providing delivery of the materials directly from the hopper to the belt feeder)
  • Reduction of noise and dust level in the line operation area

Charge Materials Techniques

  • Intermittent (materials are supplied by batchers to the intermittent conveying line)
  • Continuous (materials are supplied continuously by belt feeders to the continuous conveying system)
  • Combined (materials are supplied continuously or intermittently to the conveying system operating either continuously or discontinuously)

Special Software

  • Algorithm aimed to adjust batching and supply of components including correction in case of external disturbances (poor convergence, choking up, changes in the density, material fractions etc.)
  • Algorithm for proportion adjustment (components combination) during materials handling supporting the ratio of components not worse than ± 1 % (ASAD)
  • Algorithm for desoxidant supply adjustment basing on its humidity and correction of ore materials supply depending on the content of the main component

When some upgrade is implemented, the commissioning is divided into stages (with no shutdown of the main production) individually for each project.

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