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Blast Furnace Production

Lines for Raw Materials Acceptance and Treatment Batching Lines Material Handling Lines

For blast furnace production SME Tomsk Electronic Company is happy to offer designing and package supply of the bin trestle for lower loading of the blast furnace, which is aimed for treatment and batched supply of materials through lines for loading coke, sinter, iron ore, pellets and additives into the skip lifting devices of the blast furnace, and also for keeping records of the materials loaded into skips.



Features of Process Lines

  • Loading the skip with materials (iron ore and coke) according to the formula, where the consequence and the amount of materials supplied into upper lading system of the furnace are also very important
  • Control of the conveying system including allowance for delayed action of the process equipment (materials remaining on the belt etc) in order to achieve the maximum accuracy of batching
  • Proper treatment of basic materials - elimination of particles or smaller size and dedusting
  • Automatic calibration of hopper scales for materials loading into skip
  • Avoiding vibrating feeders and installation of belt continuous batchers, performing recording functions
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