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Fire Resistant Production

Lines for Raw Materials Acceptance and Treatment Batching Lines Material Handling Lines

In 2001 SME Tomsk Electronic Company commissioned the batching line and PCS for mixers of Fire Resistant Shop manufacturing periclase-carbonaceous products at OAO Pervouralsky Dinas Plant (Implemented Projects).

The line is a package supply (equipment, steel structures etc), and its various options can be used for multi-components batching, transportation and mixing of bulk and liquid materials for diverse branches of industry.

SME Tomsk Electronic Company can offer the following for fire resistant production:


Features of Process Lines

  • Implementation of complete process cycle in the automatic mode: Components batching, conveying, mixing components as per per set consequence, maturing of obtained mixture and its delivery to the pressing equipment
  • Accuracy of batching of bulk and liquid materials is ± 0.5 % as per GOST 10223-97
  • Batching of explosive materials (for instance, binding phenol powder, aluminum powder) due to:

- Use of process equipment made of stainless steel with outside painting with oil paint

- Separate explosion proof dedusting system for process units and transfer stations, where the explosive materials are handled

- Use of electric equipment and cabling in explosive area as per PUE and NPB

  • Use of drag-link tubular conveyors and closed belt conveyors in order to provide dust free handling of the materials in the limited space of a shop
  • Extension of periclase-carbonaceous product variety with the use of some new additives
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