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Process Automation

SME Tomsk Electronic Company possesses significant experience in designing, manufacturing and introduction of automated systems for process lines and units for metallurgy, mining, petrochemistry and construction.

A special order form has been developed for standard solutions of process lines and PCS thus we can choose and offer solutions which have been already tested basing on the implemented projects.

At present SME Tomsk Electronic Company exercises an integrated and system approach to meeting challenges in automation, using the following methods for PCS architecture development:

  • Multi Level Structure of PCS 
  • Basic automation devices by leading international manufacturers (Siemens, GE Fanuc, Schneider Electric, Allen Bradley, Emerson Process Management and others)
  • Various architecture of input-output data (local, remote, shared) 
  • Backup and emergency protection (basing on the importance, complexity and process requirements) 
  • Location of electric equipment, mnemonic diagrams in panels and various control desks, considering special requirements of the Customer 
  • Algorithm of the automatic adaptive support of materials proportion in continuous and intermittent supply modes (ASAD) 
  • Adaptation to specific production conditions  
  • Phased introduction of individual units and control subsystems for these individual units  
  • Integration with existing PCS

Introduced PCS allows reduction of human factor influence on process performance and decrease of downtime due to self diagnostics of the system. 

ASAD Control System

In order to operate under conditions of external disturbances (poor convergence, choking up, changes in the density, material fractions etc.) one needs to measure and adjust the capacity of all batchers supplying the material; to resolve this problem the automatic adaptive algorithm has been developed and implemented to support the proportion of supplied materials in the mode of continuous and intermittent supply (ASAD). 

The system provides steady batching and supply of materials as per preset proportion, it is charge materials supplied into furnace hoppers, but not single components (for instance - only pure ore or pure reducing agent).

ASAD for continuous batching provides adjustment of the proportion (components combination) during materials handling supporting the ratio of components not worse than ± 1 %.

ASAD control system for intermittent batching provides supervision over deviation in material ratio in the current batch and performs the adaptive correction of material batching in the next portion considering the distribution of charge portions.

ASAD algorithm implements an adaptive correction for desoxidant supply basing on its humidity, as well as correction of ore materials supply depending on the content of the main component. 



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